Mission Statement

The mission of the Goldsboro Parks and Recreation Department is to provide a variety of recreation and leisure activities for a diverse population. We maintain a system of parks, indoor facilities and open spaces for the enjoyment, safety and well being of all citizens.



We Make Play Happen!

Goldsboro Parks & Recreation does not believe in denying a child the opportunity to experience programs because of inability to pay.

Check with our main office for information on possible assistance with program payments.



Goldsboro Event Center


W.A. Foster Center


Goldsboro Golf Course



Felicia Brown
Felicia Brown919.739.7482
Russell Stephens
Russell Stephens919.739.7488
Assistant Director
D'Leeshia Lee
D'Leeshia Lee919.739.7489
Recreation Superintendent
Skylar Kelly
Skylar Kelly919.739.7491
Special Populations Supervisor
Jordan Walker
Jordan Walker919.739.7449
Marketing & Special Events Supervisor
Julissa Ponce
Julissa Ponce919.739.7484
Marketing & Special Events Assistant
Stephanie Martin
Stephanie Martin919.739.7483
Administrative Assistant III

Parks Maintenance

John Albert
John Albert919.739.7487
Parks Superintendent
Steven Blizzard
Steven Blizzard919.739.7498
Parks Maintenance Supervisor
Jeff Mozingo
Jeff Mozingo919.739.7490
Parks Maintenance Supervisor
Jeff Snead
Jeff Snead919.739.7487
Custodian Crew Supervisor

Herman Park Center Staff

Recreation Center Leader
Shani Booker
Shani Booker919.739.7480
Recreation Center Assistant

Goldsboro Golf Course & Event Center Staff

Obie Agbasi
Obie Agbasi919.735.0411
Golf Director
Josh Shockley
Josh Shockley919.735.4075
Event Center Manager
Kyle Hope
Kyle Hope919.735.0411
Clubhouse Assistant

W.A. Foster Center

Gladys McClary
Gladys McClary919.734.4164
Recreation Center Leader
Teisha Rich
Teisha Rich919.734.7458
Senior Recreation Center Assistant
Tevon Womack
Tevon Womack919.734.7458
Recreation Center Assistant

Bryan Multi-Sports Complex Staff

Tyler Ham
Tyler Ham919.988.6600
Athletics Supervisor
Justin Lee
Justin Lee919.988.6600
Complex Manager
Joe Martikke
Joe Martikke
Superintendent of Sports Turf
Bobby Walston
Bobby Walston
Assistant Superintendent of Sports Turf
Preston Savage
Preston Savage
Golf & Sports Turf Mechanic
Timothy Teel
Timothy Teel
Heavy Equipment Operator
Senior Park Technician (Spray)
Thomas Sherman
Thomas Sherman
Park Technician (Turf)
Josh Hollifield
Josh Hollifield
Park Technician (Turf)
Park Technician (Turf)